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    LoChamp are able to provide complete animal feed manufacturing plant solutions, including total planning, civil engineering, steel construction, storage system, feed processing machinery, intelligent packing, electrical control system. LoChamp has engaged in feed machinery for 20 years and thus has rich experience on feed machinery after repeated attempts and trials.

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    04 2021-04-30

    VIV China 2016: LoChamp Robot Palletizer Attr...

    Today, the biennial VIV China kicked off in Beijing.


    This year, there are 4 pavilions which cover a wide range of products including pig raising, poultry farming, fishery, feed and feed equipment, feeding facilities etc. Nearly 500 domestic and foreign well-known enterprises participate this exhibition. The scale is much larger than the past.


    As a renowned machinery manufacturing enterprise in Henan Province, LoChamp also participated in this VIV China. Below products were shown in this exhibition:energy-efficient SZLH42 pellet mill and single shaft paddle mixer feed machinery and intelligent and efficient robot palletizer.






    Intensified|China-made industrial robot became highlight


    The intensification of animal husbandry development leads Chinese animal husbandry production changing from mainly manual labor to mainly introducing automation equipment and will fully realize feed production, livestock management and product processing automation. The theme of this VIV China still focused on intensive livestock farming.


    Affected by this, feed machinery and equipment performance in this VIV China is hot, especially the stunning appearance of LoChamp robot palletizer and other China-made robots are highly focused.







    About LoChamp Machinery


    Henan Longchang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a member of the Animal Husbandry Project Branch in China Animal Husbandry Association and one of the leading machinery manufacturing enterprises in Henan Province. Since 1996, it has grown to be an integrated enterprise who runs R&D manufacture, projects design and installation in feed project, biomass pellet project, organic fertilizer project, silos and light steel structure project and also become the largest feed machinery suppliers north of the Yangtze River.

    In 2012, LoChamp cooperated with the United Kingdom LOP Automation company and developed China-made robot palletizer based on introducing leading technology of LOP. In 2016, LoChamp cooperated with German company and developed the ultimate 75% energy-saving crusher which has been put into use by CP Group, Wens Group, TRS Group, Yukou Poultry and other well-known enterprises.



    VIV China Information


    Period: 6th September -8th September

    Location: Hall W1, E134 in NCIEC (New China International Exhibition Center), Beijing, China

    VIV China 2016: LoChamp Robot Palletizer Attracts High Attention<
    04 2021-04-30

    New Record!

    From the information given by our customer in Inner Mongolia,
    LoChamp’s SZLH42A feed pellet mill has a great increase in its output.

    The normal output of this machine is around 10 - 12T / H.But this time according to this customer’s measurement,
    it rose to 14.5T / H,
    with 45 % ’s improvement !!

    Of course the increase is not accidental,
    but has a relationship with the local environment,
    equipment configuration parameters and so on.

    Congratulations to our customer ! Congratulations to Lochamp !




    New Record!<
    04 2021-04-30

    Cooperation Once Again

     In May, 2014, Lochamp received our precious international friends from Algeria. This is a happy negotiation, and both of us feel satisfied.

    During the period, we led them visit our sophisticated equipment and technology, introduced our process engineering in detail, had friendly conversation with the Algeria friends, and finally reached a consensus on the feed production line with annual output of 100000 tons.
    May more and more friends believe Lochamp and cooperate with us in the future!

    Cooperation Once Again<
    04 2021-04-30

    First Training to Zhengzhou Marketing Center

    On July 31st, 2014, the first training to Zhengzhou Marketing Center successfully came to an end. 11 sales elites from all sides gathered and had an 18 days’ training in Lochamp.

    During these 18 days, all the members showed their passion and persistence, which moved us so much. They studied all day and had discussion with our technicians at night till wee hours.
    In fact, all the pay is worth it. Their efforts are seen by all staffs in head office including our boss, who fully affirmed and placed high hopes to the members.
    Wish these members work harder, achieve the sales target and further explore the oversea markets!

    First Training to Zhengzhou Marketing Center<
    04 2021-04-30

    Wish the 1st Anniversary of Russian Overseas ...

    In July, 2014 congratulations to the 1st Anniversary of Russian Overseas Office of Lochamp Group. One year ago, with full enthusiasm and expert sales skills, a group of young man from Lochamp went to Moscow, permanently stationed at a million miles away, and opened another door in the overseas relying on our high quality, safe, stable performance equipments and attentive service.
    Thanks to everyone’s hard work, we found many reliable and powerful overseas partners one after another, which promotes Lochamp’s deeper rooting in Russia.
    Our staffs in Russia serve the customers with full enthusiasm, solve every problem with patience, continually work day and night, and finally got a contract for the full-automatic feed production line with annual output of 300000 tons, which adds a cool to this hot summer and also promotes further internationalization of Lochamp Group.

    Wish the 1st Anniversary of Russian Overseas Office of Lochamp<
    04 2021-04-30

    VIV CHINA 2014 (Beijing)

     VIV China will be held in the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing at 9/23/2014---9/25/2014. Theme of this exhibition is intensive animal husbandry.Lochamp Group will be in the stand of W1-A150, W1-A148from 9/23/2014---9/25/2014.Here is the layout of the exhibition for you:VIV is the highest and sole level international animal husbandry exhibition hold in China and has already become the most famous, influence exhibition in the world. It provides a very good platform for people and company who are related with the food industry to communicate with each other. In former exhibitions, VIV has successfully attracted more than 20 countries’ exhibitors such as Singapore, Turkey, Spain, Japan, Korea, German etc.



    Lochamp Group, as one of the major feed equipment solution experts in the world, will take part in the grand event. We will provide the most competitive integrated solution from raw material receiving and cleaning to end products auto-bagging for feed processing industry. This experience will be unforgettable for visitors who run a feed processing factory. Lochamp has gained more than 300 customers per former VIV exhibitions and offered many successful solutions for our customers.


    VIV CHINA 2014 (Beijing)<
    04 2021-04-30

    LoChamp Group will attend IPPE- Booth No: A26...

    LoChamp Group (Henan Lochamp Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd) will attend IPPE 2015/World’s Leading International Livestock Exhibition. This grand exhibition will be held at the Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, Georgia USA. It’s our great honor to invite you to visit our booth there.
    Booth No: A2654
    Period: 01/27/2015---01/29/2015

    Address: Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, Georgia USA 





    LoChamp Group: One of the major feed equipment suppliers in the world and the strongest in China; With the most advanced processing technology like CNC laser cutting,CNC machining center etc; Patent products with the best performance in energy saving,environment clean and production efficiency.

    Headquartered in the southern foot of the scenic Yuntai Mountain of Henan province,Henan LoChamp Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was found in 1996, which is acknowledged as "Keeping Contract and Valuing Credit Enterprise of Henan Province","Prominent Enterprise of Jiaozuo". We obtained quality system certificate of ISO9001 and CE certificates.

    Welcome to IPPE2015, Welcome to LoChamp.


    LoChamp Group will attend IPPE- Booth No: A2654<
    04 2021-04-30

    Afghanistan's agriculture minister speaks hi...

    Recently, the 10 TPH complete pellet feed production plant in Afghanistan finishes commissioning, Afghanistan's agriculture minister attends the opening ceremony and speaks highly of LoChamp equipment, saying LoChamp plays an important role in the process of industrial automation.




    Afghanistan's agriculture minister speaks highly of LoChamp equipment<



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    Henan Longchang Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd was founded in 1996,which is acknowledged as "Keeping Contract and Valuing Credit Enterprise of Henan Province" , "Prominent Enterprise of Jiaozuo".

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